Annual Full Council, Town Council - Tuesday, 16th May, 2023 6.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber 1, Teignmouth Town Council, Bitton House, Bitton Park Road, Teignmouth TQ14 9DF

Contact: Town Clerk 

No. Item

To the Chairman and Members of Teignmouth Town Council

You are hereby summoned to a meeting of the Town Council to be held on XXXX at 6.00pm in the Council Chambers, Bitton Houseto transact the business as specified in the agenda below. 


Please note;  

Under the Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulation 2014, this meeting has been advertised as a public meeting and as such could be filmed or recorded by broadcasters, the media, or members of the public. 


The public are welcomed at Teignmouth Town Council meetings. Members of the public are invited to ask questions or raise issues relevant to the work of the Town Council. 15 minutes is set aside for public participation and individual speakers are restricted to 3 minutes. Public participation is not part of the formal business of the Town Council however, a note will be made of matters raised and recorded within the minutes of the meeting. 


Members of the public wishing to speak are to submit questions or statements in writing to the Town Clerk no less than 3 days before the date of the meeting. 


I Wedlake 




Use of Mobile Phones

In accordance with Minute 30, mobile phones be limited to personal use only (in case of emergencies) and in which case the Councillor is to leave the room to respond. Councillors must switch their mobile phones to silent during the meeting to avoid disruption.


Apologies for Absence

To receive, note and where requested, approve the reasons for apologies for absence.

Council in Formal Session - Part 1


Election of Chair/Mayor

Election of Mayor for 2023-2024

The retiring Mayor will call for nominations and put them to the vote.This will be followed by:


A                    Declaration of Acceptance of Office by the newly elected Mayor

B                    Presentation of Chain of Office from the retiring Mayor to the newly elected Mayor

C                    Presentation Medal to retiring Mayor

D                   New Mayor’s Acceptance Speech



Address by retiring Mayor


Address by retiring Mayor of Teignmouth, Councillor Iain Palmer



Election of Deputy Mayor for 2023-24

The Mayor will call for nominations and put them to the vote.


Declaration of Acceptance of Office and presentation of Medallion to the Deputy Mayor


Declarations of Interest

To declare any disclosable interests relating to the forthcoming items of business (if any).



To receive and consider requests for dispensation (if any).


Minutes of the Full Council meeting held on 18th April 2023 pdf icon PDF 89 KB

To approve, sign and adopt the minutes of the Council meeting held on 18th April 2023.


Minutes of Extraordinary Full Council 26th April 2023 pdf icon PDF 89 KB

To Approve, sign and adopt the minutes of the Extraordinary Town Council meeting held on 26th April 2023


Clerks report


Schedule of Meetings 2023-24

To approve the Council’s schedule of initial meetings for the municipal year beginning 1 May 2023: -


Full council 18:00 2nd Tuesday of each month excluding August (Recess)


Planning 15:30 24th May 2023


Finance 15:30 22nd June 2023


Assets & Facilities 15:30 22nd May 2023


Parish Meeting 18:00 23rd May 2023


Elections to committees

 i.        Full Council – sovereign body

Chair – Cllr Iain Palmer - All Councilors


ii.        Planning Committee – standing committee

Chair - Cllr Ash with Cllrs Palmer, Orme, C. Williams & Phipps


iii.        Finance including budget & grants

Chair – Cllr Atkins, Cllrs P Williams, Ash, Palmer, Orme & C Williams


iv.        Human Resources Committee – standing committee

Ex-officio Deputy Mayor, Cllrs Matthews, Russell, Atkins, Henderson, P. Williams & Orme


v.        Assets and Facilities Sub-Committee (to include CCTV, public conveniences, Bitton House and campus)

Chair – Cllr Ash, Ex-officio Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Cllrs Orme, Atkins, Palmer, Henderson, Phipps & P Williams. With the Town Clerk and Project and Facilities Manager.


vi.        Tree Warden

Cllr Henderson


vii.        Christmas Lights Switch-on Task and Finish Group

Cllrs Palmer, C. Williams & P. Williams


viii.        Fireworks Display Task and Finish Group

Cllrs Ash & Henderson


ix.        Air Quality Task and Finish Group

Cllrs Cox, Ash, Orme, Ms. R Piper, Dr M McCarthy & Mr. J Lintell



Appointments to outside bodies

      i.        Harbour Consultative Committee

Cllrs Orme & Phipps with Cllr Matthews as reserve


    ii.        Teign Estuary & Coastal Partnership Steering Group

Cllr Phipps with Cllr Orme as reserve


   iii.        Julia Cousins Trust

Tim Golder as trustee


   iv.        Devon Association of Local Councils

Cllr Ash


    v.        Teignbridge Association of Local Councils

Cllr Ash


   vi.        Town Centre Management Partnership

Placed in abeyance

TC to report back options post regeneration report (6 months)


  vii.        Mary Risdon Charity

Cllr Russell, Tim Golder & Damian Pope, all as trustees                           

Dear Mr Wedlake,


You might be aware that the Town Council appoints trustees to two,  very old local charities,  namely the Teignmouth Soup Kitchen Trust and the Mary Risdon Charity.  I am chairman of trustees of both charities.


Council nominated trustees normally serve for four years and this year the term of office of Mr Damian Pope as a trustee of the Mary Risdon Charity comes to an end.  He is eligible for re-appointment and is happy to serve a further term of office.  I can report that he is a valued trustee who has served the charity with distinction and offers a great deal of experience.  Such re-appointments are often addressed at or shortly after the Council’s Annual Meeting in May and I trust that this matter will meet with the Council’s approval.


No other trustees are due for re-appointment this year and there are currently no vacancies but for your information I can list the council nominated trustees of the charities as follows:

Soup Kitchen:  Timothy Golder (Chairman) and Geoff Taylor (Hon. Clerk).

Mary Risdon:  Timothy Golder (Chairman),  Geoff Taylor (Hon. Clerk),  Damian Pope and Sylvia Russell.


I was pleased to make a presentation to the Council in 2021 concerning the work of the charities and a copy of the presentation was forwarded to the Council at the time.  I have also recently written a booklet regarding the history of the Mary Risdon Charity and six copies have been presented to the Clerk’s office.  If further background is required,  please do not hesitate to let me know.


You will notice that I have copied this email to the Hon. Clerk for his information.


Yours sincerely,


Timothy Golder



 viii.        Soup Kitchen Trust

Cllr Andrew McGregor (TDC)


   ix.        Teign Heritage

Cllr Phipps with Cllr Ash as reserve


    x.        Teignmouth in Bloom

Cllr Russell, Stewart Henchie & Viv Wilson MBE


   xi.        Teignmouth Remembrance Committee

Cllrs Cox, P. Williams, Palmer, Brian Hall MBE & Vince Fusco


  xii.        Teignmouth Neighbourhood Plan

Cllrs Atkins, Orme & Russell


xiii.        Coastal Engagement Group

Cllr P Williams


xiv.        Civil Emergency

Clerk to review requirements with TDC


 xv.        OPCC Advocate Scheme

Cllr Atkins


xvi.        Anne Marie Morris’ Forum

Town Clerk


xvii.        Teignmouth Hospital Stakeholder panel

Cllr Orme


xviii.        Teignmouth Chamber of Commerce (Nonmember/trader)

Cllr Atkins




Standing Orders 5J (I-XXI)

The Council is recommended to defer the actions and reviews required by Standing Orders 5J – i-xxi not covered in this meeting to a future meeting of the Town Council.